How many times have you heard someone say they’re burned out and need a holiday? I know I’ve said it a number of times. A break always sounds like a great idea. And I take them as often as I can.

But it doesn’t have to be big like a trip away from home. Little times can be used to refresh and recharge. I’ve made a list for myself. I call them mini vacations. You can take many of them without leaving home. My list includes:

1. Sitting and listening to favorite music while drinking my favorite beverage. No computer, TV or any electronics. Just 10-15 min. and I feel almost brand new.

2. Another is get a color fix. You might drop in to the fabric or yarn store and drink in all the colors. It really does wonders for me. Even thinking about it does so. Or if you can, take a trip to somewhere sunny and warm and enjoy the colors. In the midst of an Alberta winter I find I crave color so I drank in the colors on my holiday to Hawaii and I will share them with you. Enjoy and be refreshed.

hawaii 483hawaii 032  hawaii 112hawaii 152

hawaii 162 hawaii 463

3. Having a coffee date with myself. (If you’re in need of seeing other people make a date with a friend.) I like to take a book and read, a notebook and write (it doesn’t have to be about my writing. It might be a time to organize my life) or I can read the newspaper uninterrupted.

hawaii 120 banff retreat in April 005

4. A leisurely walk. Sometimes a change of scenery from your normal walk scene.

5. A real change of scenery. I love writing while away from home.

Pueblo 028

6. Doodling. It’s not meant to be good but fun. Sort of like adult coloring only you don’t need as many pens or pencils. Unless, of course, you want to color it later.


7. Enjoy a sunrise or sunset while walking. Alone is good allowing you to enjoy the peace and quiet.

hawaii 089hawaii 217 hawaii 093 sunrise fri

8. Visit a museum, a library or a bookstore. Works every time.

irricana museum July 28 012

Do you take mini-vacations? What do you do?

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