It’s been one of THOSE weeks. We all have them. When life is full of frustration and discouragement. When the day is far longer than our energy. The particulars are different every day. For me, this particular week has been never-ending renovations, a cold that won’t go away, family drama and too little energy.

I realize my trials are small compared to others. But I still struggle with them. Things that help—friends who cheer me on, the phone that allows me to reach out to someone, and sometimes (if I can drum up the energy) to get out of the house so the problems aren’t in my face.

I try to make a habit of counting my blessings and there are many. I especially try to remember that God has promised strength for the day. Isaiah 40:29 He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.


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R & R

This week I took a couple of days of R&R in Banff—one of the prettiest spots in the world.

The trees were freshly brushed with green.

banff retreat in April 001

It was two days of Rest and Relaxation: enjoying coffee, enjoying a quiet room with a great view.

banff retreat in April 013banff retreat in April 005

It was a time of Reading and ‘Riting:

banff retreat in April 007banff retreat in April 006

Also a time of Refuelling and Refreshing: How can one not feel renewed in the beauty of the mountain park?

banff retreat in April 014banff retreat in April 021banff retreat in April 028banff retreat in April 041

And then back to work at home. I can’t always escape to the mountains for a day or two but I’ve learned to take mini-moments of R&R—a cup of my favorite coffee in a quiet corner of the local coffee shop, a walk to the back of our property where I can see the mountains, a stop in the library to sit and think. These are the pauses that refresh.

Where and how do you like to grab days or even moments of R&R?

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1. Flowers

more poppies 001springtime 009

2. birds feeding outside my window

sunflowers in august 001April 1 003

3. Grandchildren at play or work.

haedyn and bear 2nevaeh and cat 004

4. Banff

Banff in July 001Banff in July 175

5. Trips to the lake

sylvan lake 029sylvan lake in sept. 017

6. research trips

montana research trip July 078colorado 2015 284

7. Art of any sort

arwa 25th anniversary 006colorado 2015 186

8. Parks with benches or tables so a person feels drawn to sit and read or write.

cereal centennial 034Pueblo 025

9. New notebooks.

notebook journals 001

10. A finished writing project.

The Cowboy's City Girl 001

These are a few of my favorite things. What are your favorite things and is that sone worming its way through your head now?

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It’s been unseasonably warm for April which means it’s time for yard work. The raking, aerating, etc. of the lawns.Pulling up old-growth bushes that are too gnarly and overgrown to prune any longer. It’s an ongoing process. One corner of the yard is finished and another needs attention. But it’s worth it to see the improvement as  new growth takes root. Below is a sample of before and after. Need I say, it’s a lot of work?

spring yard work 006view from my office window 003

On a related note, I’ve been revising and editing for the past couple of weeks. In many cases it means uprooting and pruning certain elements, rearranging others and striving to get an overgrown story down to a tidy format. Not unlike pruning and replanting in my yard. Need I say it’s a lot of work?

I see similarities in life. We each have dormant spells in our lives and we have times of uprooting and pruning… a painful process.These past few weeks I have seen the latter in some dear friends. My prayer for each of them is God will do something beautiful and abundant in their lives.

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There are times when I think I would like a longer week. Perhaps an extra day tucked away somewhere between Saturday and Sunday. My hope would be that I could finally get everything done I need to do in a week.

But recently I realized I had a ten-day week in the book I am working on. I knew my characters didn’t need that long a week. I knew my editor would object and I would get all sort of letters and reviews pointing out the impossibility of it. So back to chapter one and find a way to fix it.

A little help was most welcome.

peanut at work 001peanut at work 002

Though I thought he could show a little less boredom.

I was grateful to get a box of books this week to remind me that I can figure out a story.

The Cowboy's City Girl 001

This is one of my favorite covers. I love the pose of the hero and heroine and the pink flowers. What do you think? What sort of covers do you prefer?

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Am I the only person who takes pictures of the sky? Who has a picture file named ‘sky’? Who loves to watch a storm?

From sunrise:

autumn sunrise 007Sept sunrise 001

To sunset:

sylvan lake 030

From rainbow to sunbow:

SCENES 008december 034

From clouds in a blue sky:

fall scenes 012farm 004sky 002

To stormy skies:

sky pictures 009Aug or sept storm 004

From Chinook arch (and no it isn’t a sign of global warning) to the sun peeking through:

chinoook arch nov 002banff 001

These are some of my favorites but perhaps the last is one that relates most to my writing. As I start a new book, I need the light to break through and reveal the characters’ secrets.

But more than that, when I see the sun shining through like that it makes me think of the theme of my very first published book, The Sun Still Shines, which is that God’s love is always there even when we can’t see it. Just as the sun is shining even when we can’t see it. But we get glimpses of God’s love peaking through in beautiful and surprising ways when we watch for it. My prayer is that all of us will look for and receive those glimpses and that I will be able to portray them in my stories.

I’d love to hear of your special moments when you saw this in your life.

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50 books and beyond.

hawaii 2008 096

My 50th book is out this month. It’s my 30th book with Love Inspired Historicals.

Today I want to share the books being released in 2016:

1. The 50th book.

 The Cowboy's Ready-Made Family

2. The second book in the Montana Cowboys series—The Cowboy’s Baby Bond.

the cowboy's baby bond

3. Book #3 in the same series—The Cowboy’s City Girl. (I love this cover!)


4. The reissue of my three-book series, The Buffalo Gals of Bonner’s Ferry—Glory and the Rawhide Preacher, Mandy and the Missouri Man and Joanna and the Footloose Cowboy. The collection is called Brides of Idaho.

Bride of Idaho


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I continue to list 5 (or 10) things until I reach 50 to mark the release of my 50th book.


I try to be positive and upbeat but there are things that make it easier.

1. A trip to Sylvan Lake. Alone, with my client or with kids and grandkids. There’s just something about that place that fills me with contentment. It was hard to pick one picture of the place.

sylvan lake in sept. 003

2. Family gatherings. The fun of listening to kids reminisce and watching the growing grandkids play with their cousins. Okay, truth to tell, we mostly eat and visit. Smile

summer fun days july 038jan feb birthdays 012

3. Quiet walks—town or country.Alone time to think and plot and pray.

autumn leaves 013

4. Visits with old friends. Yup. There’s nothing like people with whom we have tons of history.

June 2012 010

5. A good day of work when I feel really REALLY satisfied with what I’ve achieved.

writer at work sign

FIVE WRITING CONFERENCES I HAVE ATTENDED. There have been more but I will mention 5.

1. Romance Writers of America conference in New York many years ago—before digital cameras. Loved New York but got tired of the constant noise and 1200 women lined up for anything is not my idea of a lovely time but it was good to see how the industry worked.

2. American Christian Writers conference. The last one I attended was in Indianapolis. A beautiful city.

acfw indianniapolis 2010 029acfw indianniapolis 2010 063

3.A workshop with Dara Marks in Vancouver. A good winter break too.


4. A David Freeman workshop in San Francisco. Very intense but we did get a chance to visit Fisherman’s Wharf and ride the trolley cars.  Again, before I got a digital camera and I don’t want to dig through the stack of photo albums and scan pictures. You’ll have to take my word for it. Smile

5. Numerous workshops and conferences in Calgary, mostly put on by the Calgary Romance Writers of America. These are the most enjoyable for the simple fact I am surrounded by people I know and who have shared a similar writing journey. This is a workshop with Donald Maass.

Donald Maass workshop 001

It’s been a great journey, full of fun and adventure.

Tell my about your favorite places and favorite conferences.

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I didn’t blog last week. And I have good reason. I will present ten of them.

1. I spent 7 hours on a plane to Maui and then 6 hours stuck in traffic as the only road over the mountains was gridlocked with an accident. Welcome to Paradise!

maui feb 004 maui feb 028

2. I spent time on the beach with my granddaughter.

maui feb 126

3. We drove the Hana Highway (me in the backseat and not being a backseat driver). Brochures claim this area is the most Hawaiian area of Hawaii. It is a narrow stretch of road with almost no signage. In about 30 miles (which takes approximately 3 hours to drive) there are 620 curves and 59 bridges—46 of which are one lane. And one lane truly means one lane. The views were spectacular.

maui feb 048maui feb 095

4. I walked on the black sand beach.

maui feb 098

5. I saw the Seven Sacred Pools. If there had been rain these waterfalls would be closed because of high flow.

maui feb 078

6. We drove another winding road to the top of a mountain with open views. We went from sea level to 10, 023 feet in 20 minutes. According to my map no place else in the world can you reach this elevation so quickly.

maui feb 260

7. I viewed a dormant volcano. It was cold, and so windy I could have opened my coat and become a kite. Smile

maui feb 249

8. I saw lots of lava rocks, lave tubes, lava formations.

maui feb 100

9. I watched wild surf and marvelled at those brave enough to be out in it. Seeing a mother have one child snatched from her was frightening.

maui feb 367

10. I did research on missionaries in Hawaii and an old whaling village of LaHaina.

maui feb 422

There was so much more that I saw and did. It was a great way to spend a week. Next week I will add more to the lists of 50 things to celebrate my 50th book.

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I fully intended to stick to my goal of posting 10 lists of 5 things to honor the number 50. But when I started this list, I couldn’t confine it to just 5 so for this week, here is a list of 10 research trips I have taken.

I love research trips. They give me an excuse for a working holiday and I look at things slightly differently when I’m hunting for details.

In no particular order, here are some of my research trips.

1. ALASKA AND THE YUKON. I had already written the story, Klondike Medicine Woman when we made this trip and was pleased to see that my research (books and internet) was mostly accurate.

haines 007

2. IDAHO-I wrote a series set in historical Bonners Ferry (Glory and the Rawhide Preacher, Mandy and the Missouri Man and Joanna and the Footloose Cowboy). Loved researching this place and the beautiful setting.


3. BAR U RANCH. This is the setting upon which I based the Eden Valley Ranch. Again, a beautiful place with well preserved historical buildings.

research trip to sw alberta and bonners ferry 035

4. MONTANA—The setting for several of my books. I’ve made several trips to this area so it was hard to pick out one or two pictures of the trip.

montana research trip july 2010 299montana research trip july 2010 229

5. FERNIE. A picturesque town with a history of bootlegging and mining. I haven’t figured out how to turn the setting into a story but someday I will.

research trip to sw alberta and bonners ferry 117

6. FORT STEELE-a place teeming with historical information. I could  move in for a week or two and write a book surrounded by authenticity.

research trip to sw alberta and bonners ferry 132research trip to sw alberta and bonners ferry 153

7. FORT MACLEOD—where the history of the North West Mounted Police and early ranching is showcased. Again, some day I am going to do a series on the early Mounties.

montana research trip july 2010 072

8. THE DAKOTAS. Unfortunately those pictures were before my digital camera but enjoyed the museums we visited. I wrote a series set in the Dakota Territory. (Dakota Cowboy, Dakota Child.)

9. BANFF-another place I’d like to write more stories about.

banff 063banff 077

10. BENTS OLD FORT—on the Santa Fe Trail.I am already working on a series for this setting.

colorado 2015 271

This list does not include the many local museums I’ve explored or nearby cities. There are so many places to see and investigate.

If anyone has a favorite museum or historical not too far from central Alberta, I’d love to hear from you.

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