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How many times have you heard someone say they’re burned out and need a holiday? I know I’ve said it a number of times. A break always sounds like a great idea. And I take them as often as I … Continue reading

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One of my goals every year is to do up an annual photo album of the family. It gives me a nice record of recent family history. But among my family pictures are some that tweak my interest in things … Continue reading

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The title of this blog is a little deceiving because, although I did go to Nashville, I saw very little of the city. I attended a writers retreat and we spent long days in our hotel sharing and learning. However, … Continue reading

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It’s the early 1800s. Come with me on a visit to the new West. You can come by horse and wagon or, if you wish to come later in the century, you can travel by train.     Even before … Continue reading

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Or as my hubby would say during our courting days: ‘Spring is sprung, the grass is riz, where last year’s careless drivers is.’ I love spring–the sunshine, no snow, green grass, flowers emerging, walking in shoes instead of boots, no … Continue reading

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  Today I visited a museum near Irricana, Alberta and saw lots of antique stuff. I loved seeing the ornate grills and trademark names on the tractors, trucks and cars. I thought you might enjoy them too.   The collection … Continue reading

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    I had such fun writing and researching for Lasso My Heart.    It all started with an idea—a really good idea! Or at least I hoped it was a good idea and others would share the opinion. An … Continue reading

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I love traveling with the express purpose of doing research. I have a new series starting in Oct. with a Christmas novella and followed up with three books in 2013–January, March and May. I hope to have 3 more following … Continue reading

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I had trouble sleeping last night. I smelled smoke so I got up to investigate. I found nothing in the house. Saw nothing outside but the smoke was not my imagination so I got my husband up to check further … Continue reading

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I have an antique collection of postcards. Most are from 1901-1915, though some are later. They cost 1c to send. Eventually the cost was raised to 2c. I wish I knew how much the cards themselves cost.   Some of … Continue reading

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