This week I got hard-cover, large-print copies of my book The Cowboy’s Ready-Made Family.

the Cowboy's Ready-Made family large print 001

The cover is beautiful in its simplicity. It got me thinking about simplicity in life. Our modern life is so busy, so full of things from electronic diversions to world-encompassing news. I hear about accidents world-wide. (And wonder why I need to know this). We have so much stuff that our houses are full. Is it any wonder I like to write about an earlier era when many things about life were simpler? (Don’t write me and inform me that the good old days weren’t good. I KNOW the challenges of coping with work and travel, etc. were difficult)

But do you remember one of the Little House on the Prairie stories when the girls were thrilled to get a new tin cup for Christmas so now they could each have their own cup. Now that’s simplicity.

So I look at my life and wonder how I could enjoy more simplicity. I have already made strides toward living a life of less consumerism. But could I do more? I don’t know but it’s something I wish to think about.

I see the beauty of it.

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